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Don't Let Someone Else Control Your Career

Developed by those in the healthcare industry who know exactly what professionals need and how they need it — from residency to retirement.

Monitoring Made Easy

Rest easy with automated alerts from 7 Federal and all 50 State data banks that can directly impact your career. You can focus on your patients while Vigil focuses on your reputation. Alerts For:

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All your hard work at your fingertips

There is more to your title then the letters before or after your name! Keep track of all your license numbers, registrations, and verify your skills and ability to practice medicine anytime, anywhere.

How It Works?


Vigil is unlike any other app–putting the needs of the healthcare professional first.

User Friendly


Easy to use, easy to share.

Career Monitoring


Automated alerts for Federal and state databanks and license expiration renewals.

Patient Reviews


Engage with your patients and showcase who you are as a healthcare professional.

Peer Reviews


Leave and receive verified reviews for your and your peers with the scan of your personal QR Code.

Professional Profile


Your credentials are like tools: keep them all in one place to use whenever you need them.

Public Profile


It's your career, show off your accomplishments no matter what stage you are in.


Providers and facilities are on OIG Exclusion List. Don’t risk your reputation and your career by staying in the dark. Know your status.

Patient and Peer Reviews

The Internet is overloaded with websites where anyone can write anything about anybody–without a trace of truth. Only Vigil lets you compile verified patient and peer reviews by using your personal QR code.


Know your reviews before they are public.


Don’t let false reviews hurt your career.


Let patients and peers see your reputation.

Verify Your Reputation

Showcase all aspects of your success anytime, anywhere, with anyone that asks with your personalized digital badge. All your licenses in one place, easy to see, and easy to access. Your QR code is a portal to your personal and public information, and you are always in control.

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